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Furano Taxi, Ltd. is the largest-scale taxi company in the Furano area. It is our sincere hope that our taxi service will make your travels in the Furano area comfortable and stress-free.

Executive Director, Hirose Hiroto

Corporate Philosophy
Our primary concern is for our passengers' safety and comfort. We offer various additional services to better serve our passengers.

Address and Contact Information
2-3 Honchou, Furano City 076-0031 Japan

Representative Director
Mr. Hiroto Hirose

On September 9, 1952, founder Yoshio Gouda received taxi business license #378 from the Sapporo Motor Vehicle Authority.

* Corporate History
October 2,1964 Company name changed to Furano Taxi, Ltd.
May ,1964 Representative Director changed from Ryozo Gouda to Mitsuhare Hirose
June 1,1985 Mitsuhare Hirose assumed the role of Representative Director of Sakura Taxi, Inc.
September 21,1987 Corporate merger between Furano Taxi, Ltd. and Sakura Taxi, Inc.
Merged company keeps existing name of Furano Taxi, Ltd.
July 15,1992 Corporate organization is changed.
Furano Taxi, Ltd. becomes Furano Taxi, Inc.
May 26,1993 Representative director changed from Mitsuhare Hirose to Hiroto Hirose

* Our Fleet

  • 22 standard taxi cabs
  • 5 "Jumbo Taxi" vans
  • 2 special-needs taxis (mounted with passenger lift, can accommodate wheelchairs and stretchers)

* Description of Businesses
  • Taxi Business
  • Damage Insurance Agency
  • Special Needs Care Service
  • Outdoor Activities Business
  • Hearing-aid Special Agent

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